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Orthodox Logos Foundation is an online non-commercial bookstore having as its mission to provide a full spectrum of Orthodox Christian materials in four languages, namely in English, French, Dutch and Russian. The bookstore began its operations in 2005.

During the last years it became more and more apparent that Orthodox Christianity is increasingly spreading around the Western Europe and other Non-Orthodox countries of the world. Unfortunately, the immense amount and depth of Orthodox materials is still inaccessible to the majority of readers in Western part of the world. This is due to the fact that the books are printed by many different and often small publishers in different countries and are being distributed in limited amounts.

Orthodox Logos Foundation would like to provide the opportunity to have full access to such materials and to allow the interested to read, watch and listen the Orthodox materials in his or her native language. Therefore, the future plans of the bookstore are to add more languages to the bookstore's catalogue. In this way the growth of the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His Church according to the Orthodox Christian tradition through the written word as well as icons and liturgical songs will be made more accessible.

A significant part of the profit from the bookstore sales will be used for the development of Orthodox Christianity in Western Europe and in particular in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Finally, due to the fact that our mission is to provide a full range of Christian Orthodox books we are constantly searching for new and old titles published by big and small publishing houses. In case you publish Orthodox books, we will be glad to collaborate with you by making the title available on our website and sell it to the interested readers.

Please be informed that all descriptions and jackets of English titles available on Orthodox Logos Foudation website are copyright to "Orthodox Christian Books Ltd"

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