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Elder`s Diadem

Author: Dali Mshvenieradze #: 8758
ELDER GABRIEL (Urgebadze) was born in Georgia in the communist period when churches were burnt and clericals were executed. From childhood he had a a firm decision to serve our Holy Mother Church: For whom Ghurch is not his Mother, God will never be his Father. Due to his strong believe in God and love for his neighbour he was gifted all secrets of heart and mind were revealed to him. The blessed Elder lived the life of a `salos`, a fool in Christ. Through intercession of the Holy Virgin he cured invisibly soul and body and miraculous saved from ruin fellow men befitted bye evil spirit. His unexpected way of acting, hiding his deep wisdom, often caused bewilderment. For this extraordinary love and deep faith God endowed him with healing power after his repose as well. An unbroken stream of faithfull visited his grave and nowadays his tombe in Samtavro church in Mskheta. And so is the stream of witnessess of his wonderworking presence by nuns, monks and laypeople, an unbroken stream up to now. You find them in this book together with a small biography, creating together a miraculous statue of this beloved devoted and injured servant of God.
ISBN: 9789608976436  Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Tbilisi

Price: € 17.50 £ 14.63 $ 19.83