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Beauty for Ashes: The Spiritual Transformation of a Modern Greek Community

Author: Stephen Lloyd-Moffett #: 8689
This is a story of the profound spiritual transformation of a town and the role the local bishop and monastery played in it. A quarter-century ago the town was the embarrassment of the Church of Greece, riddled by scandal and spiritual neglect. Today it is one of the most spiritually vibrant towns in all of Greece. It highlights the process of recovery from scandal and sexual misconduct in the church community and the restoration to spiritual health and trust of the people with the clergy. With empty wills and quiet hearts they allowed God to transform a community. The concrete mechanisms behind social and religious change are set before the reader for instruction and inspiration.
ISBN: 9780881413410  Binding: Softback 192 pages
Publisher: ST. VLADIMIR`S

Price: € 18.86 £ 16.09 $ 22.21