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Christ the Conqueror of Hell: The Descent into Hades from the Orthodox Perspective

Author: Archbishop Hilarion Alfeyev #: 8673
This in-depth study on the realm of death presents a message of hope held by the early church. Using Scripture, patristic tradition, early Christian poetry, and liturgical texts, Archbishop Hilarion explores the mysterious and enigmatic event of Christ`s descent into Hades and its consequences for the human race. Insisting that Christ entered Sheol as Conqueror and not as victim, the author depicts the Lord`s descent as an event of cosmic significance opening the path to universal salvation. He also reveals Hades as a place of divine presence, a place where the spiritual fate of a person may still change. Reminding readers that self-will remains the only hindrance to life in Christ, he presents the gospel message anew, even in the shadow of death.
ISBN: 9780881410617  Binding: Softback 232 pages
Publisher: ST. VLADIMIR`S

Price: € 18.79 £ 16.09 $ 22.05