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EDWARD LEAR: THE CORFU YEARS A Chronicle presented through his Letters

Author: Ed. by Philip Sherrard #: 4382
The years that Lear spent on Corfu coincide with the last years of the British Protectorate and the text of this book forms a unique commentary on the modes, manners and the mentality of a mid-19th century British colonial and garrison society. It also presents a moving account of an artist pursuing his vocation in a world with whose values he is so much at odds. Set over against this is the incredible natural beauty of Corfu itself to which Lear gives us unforgettable testimony not only in his writing but also in the many water-colours and sketches that accompany the text. Large format book
ISBN: 9780907978251  Binding: Cloth 248 pages

Price: € 48.50 £ 41.29 $ 54.72