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Executant: performed by the Choir of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church #: 12141

The Choir of St. Nicholas Church released their premiere CD, Good and Faithful Servant, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of their parish. The hymns represented here reflect the rich and varied practice of liturgical singing at the parish, drawing upon a number of different chant traditions. These beloved hymns from throughout the church year, including Lent, Pascha, Christmas, and the feast of St. Nicholas, stem from a variety of traditions, but principally that of South Western Rus`. They form the foundation of our choir`s repertoire, yet many are unlikely to be heard elsewhere! The choir has also selected three tracks of beautiful church bells ringing. The majority of the singing is in English language; the others are identified within the track listing below. The CD was professionally recorded and produced, and contains over 70 minutes of music.

Price: € 19.97 £ 18.21 $ 23.45