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Executant: by various contemporary Orthodox musicians #: 12191

A landmark collection of original songs from some of the finest musicians that American Orthodoxy has to offer.

From start to finish, The Cross Culture Project is a first-of-its-kind, providing a great opportunity for listeners of all ages to be introduced to the versatile talents of the following twelve artists: Ron Moore, David Teems, Peter Jon Gillquist, Jimmy Santis, Dn. John Oliver, Phil Nasr, Joyful Sorrow, Chris Hillman (formerly of The Byrds), Justin Mathews, Benjamin Anderson, Andrew Anthony, and the St. Innocent's Academy Singers.

The CD booklet includes song lyrics and a personal bio of each artist or group, as well as concert booking information and how their respective albums may be obtained. Featuring an eclectic array of musical styles revolving around a thematic axis of Acoustic Folk, this album is sure to please a wide variety of listeners with differing tastes.

Price: € 18.81 £ 17.15 $ 22.08