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Executant: performed by Archangel Voices; directed by Vladimir Morosan #: 12172

Pascha, the Feast of the Resurrection of Christ, is appropriately known as "the Feast of Feasts" in Orthodox Christian tradition. The hymns of Pascha are among the most beautiful and vibrant in the Orthodox musical tradition, filling all who hear them with a profound sense of joy and excitement.

This CD strives to capture that joy -- as much as is possible, short of being at an actual service. It assembles some of most inspired hymns of Paschal Matins and Divine Liturgy, from both the Slavic and Greek traditions, all vividly and energetically sung in English by an ensemble of professional-level voices. Byzantine, Kievan, Russian "Greek" and znamenny chants, most of them newly arranged and re-composed for the English language, are intermingled with traditional favorites by Bortniansky and Makarov--also adapted into English. As with its previous CDs, the 13-voice Archangel Voices ensemble demonstrates what can be done on a high level of excellence by a relatively small group of voices.

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