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Executant: by the Monks of Holy Cross Monastery #: 12159

This recording by the monks of Holy Cross Monastery is dedicated to the Feast of Feasts-the bright and glorious Resurrection of our Lord God and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

The choir has used as a primary musical basis, the official Synodal chant books of the Russian Orthodox Church. These books, the only ones ever blessed for liturgical use by the Holy Synod of the Russian Church, represent the most ancient and venerable forms of Russian Church music. In adapting these sanctified melodies for English text, the monastic choir strives to preserve the reverent and ascetical spirit of the original hymns, while at the same time rendering the English versions easily intelligible.

Included on the disc are all the hymns of Paschal Matins—including the Paschal Canon in its entirety, a few of the special hymns from the Paschal Divine Liturgy, and of course the ringing of the trezvon—the festive peal of all the monastery`s bells. In addition to the Russian hymns, the CD also includes hymns of Byzantine and Georgian origin.

The monastics hope and pray that their lowly efforts may benefit the Faithful and glorify Christ, Who is Risen from the dead.

Price: € 23.26 £ 20.14 $ 24.84