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Orthodox Contemporary & Folk Music  (4)


Executant: by Katina Patitsas #: 12196

The Prodigal Son and Jesus Heals the Blind Man are the two unforgettable stories found in the Gospels and put to song on this CD. They are real and gripping and have become a favorite for many. The list continues as we move into the 20th century and learn about the Royal family and St. John of San Francisco. We cannot forget to mention the children`s favorite: Saint Gerasimos and the Lion and the Guardian Angel...

Price: € 16.72 £ 13.20 $ 21.16


Executant: by Katina Patitsas #: 12197

A good place to start is In the Beginning... However by the end of the album the listener will have gone from the crashing of waves to a garden of paradise to a change of heart and to a Christian`s final destination... the Resurrections. Included are the seven days of creation found in the Book of Genesis, the Byzantine Hymn of Pascha and much more...

Price: € 16.72 £ 13.20 $ 21.16


Executant: by Fr. Peter Jon Gillquist #: 12201

The new album by Peter Jon is described as "a return to his musical roots," drawing upon the acoustic-folk style of his first two CDs. Guitar, mandolin, cello, and stand-up bass are among the wooden stringed instruments making an appearance, and there are plenty of harmonies between Peter Jon & Greg Gillquist, as well as folk-sensation Justin Mathews.

Price: € 18.81 £ 14.85 $ 23.81


Executant: by Katina Patitsas #: 12799

This collection of songs is meant to teach and isnpire the listener about the Nativity of Jesus Christ. From the Old Testament prophecies to the flight into Egypt made by the Christ child with His mother, the album brings together traditional Christmas carols along with original songs written by Katina.

Price: € 16.72 £ 13.20 $ 21.16