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Orthodox Liturgical Music & Chants  (52)


Executant: Byzantine Chant in English by Boston Byzantine Choir #: 12179

Includes selections from Vespers and Matins, as well as Troparia and Kontakia for various feast days.

This collection of Byzantine hymnography in English may come as a revelation to Orthodox and non-Orthodox alike. To the former, that the traditional tones and hymns can be rendered in the English language without a diminution of form and essence, and to the latter, that this tradition of sacred music need not be inaccessible to western listeners.

Price: € 26.11 £ 18.62 $ 28.91


Executant: Byzantine Chant in English by Boston Byzantine Choir #: 12180

The Boston Byzantine Choir has drawn from a variety of sources to make one of the first English settings of St. John Chrysostom`s Liturgy done entirely in Byzantine chant.

Playing Time: 60 minutes, 58 seconds

Price: € 26.11 £ 18.62 $ 28.91


Executant: by Gloriae Dei Cantores #: 12181

Gloriae Dei Cantores first recording in Super Audio CD featuring the North American recorded premiere of Georgy Sviridov`s Ineffable Mystery, a gorgeous sacred choral suite. In his memory, the choir sang this set of pieces in Moscow and the Golden Ring on their third tour of Russia in 1998. Georgy Sviridov,who was one of Shostakovich`s favorite students, wrote the music for Moscow`s leading television news program and became one of the leading composers during the Soviet regime. His vocal music has been championed by Dmitri Hvorostovsky, the great Russian baritone. Gloriae Dei Cantores, having already recorded "the best anthology of Russian music" (American Record Guide for Sacred Songs of Russia), now adds this rich collection of Russian sacred music to their discography. Also included are excerpts from the Tchaikovsky`s Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom and the Rachmaninoff All-Night Vigil. These three composers and their works form a CD not to be missed by choral and Russian music fans.

Price: € 26.17 £ 18.67 $ 28.98


Executant: performed by Don Cossack Choir of Russia conducted by Marcel Verhoeff #: 12182

Christmas Eve of the Russian Orthodox Church (January 6) is traditionally celebrated with the Christmas Vigil (vsenoschnoye bdeniye), a Vespers service lasting hours with much singing and illuminated processions. The present recording contains chants from the Christmas Vigil (with arrangements by Russian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian composers), performed by the eminent Don Cossacks Choir under the direction of Marcel Verhoeff. Fr. Andrey Bliznyuk, celebrant; Alexy Zaitsev, Vladislav Sokolov, deacons; Don Cossacks Choir Russia, Marcel Nicolajevich Verhoeff, director. Liner notes in German, English, French and Dutch with complete hymn text—:plus hymn text in Church Slavonic.

Price: € 34.90 £ 24.89 $ 38.64


Executant: by Fr. Apostolos Hill #: 12183

Two Disc CD Set

In the Eastern Christian tradition, the cycle of Great Feasts follows the Church`s liturgical calendar beginning on September 1 and running through August. It is comprised of twelve fixed and variable Feasts, with Pascha (Easter in the West), the "feast of feasts" around which all the rest are centered. Pascha is the ultimate variable feast, with its date changing each year. Associated with Pascha are the feasts of Palm Sunday, Ascension and Pentecost that precede or follow it by a specific number of days. Thus these Great Feasts tend to be associated together.

Price: € 32.34 £ 23.07 $ 35.81


Executant: performed by Romeiko Ensemble conducted by Dr. Yorgos Bilalis #: 12184

This exquisite book & CD package is a limited edition production by Romeiko Ensemble celebrating the Nativity of Christ and exploring the celebration of Christmas in the late Byzantine Empire. The book is cloth bound with an embossed icon on the cover and includes 72 pages in full color, lavishly illustrated with icons and manuscript illuminations. Its contents are superb, and include: Patristic and Psalter quotes on the subject of Nativity; The Nativity Icon and an accompanying essay explaining its symbolism; in the center fold, a newly commissioned Prokypsis icon with accompanying essay explaining the Prokypsis ceremony on the eve of Nativity in the Byzantine court; an essay by Fr. Maximos Lavriotes on the theology of the Nativity; musicological notes by George Bilalis, Director of the ensemble; and hymn text in English. The CD includes 71 minutes of music (approx. 45 minutes in English) of Byzantine chant for Nativity and five regional Greek carols ? including the never before performed Prokypsis hymn for the Emperor and a reproduction of the medieval manuscript from which it was transcribed. This is a limited print run edition, with only 1,000 copies printed. Place your order early to assure you receive a one of these collectible examples of authentic Byzantine chant.

Price: € 34.90 £ 24.89 $ 38.64


Executant: by The St. Vladimir’s Seminary Liturgical Chorale (Mixed Choir). In English. conducted by David Drillock #: 12795

This recording features hymns from the season of Advent in the Russian Orthodox musical tradition as performed by the St. Vladimir's Seminary Liturgical Chorale.

Price: € 22.43 £ 16.00 $ 24.84


Executant: by St. Seraphim of Sarov Choir, Santa Rosa, California. In English. #: 12796

Hymns of the Orthodox Church for the feasts of Christmas, Theophany, and the Meeting of the Lord, intermixed with related readings from Scripture.

Price: € 22.43 £ 16.00 $ 24.84


Executant: by Divna Ljubojevic and the Melodi Choir #: 12800
Price: € 22.43 £ 16.00 $ 24.84


Executant: performed by Archangel Voices conducted by Vladimir Morosan #: 12808

The repertoire on this CD reflects the "ever-presence" of the Most Holy Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary (Panagia) in Orthodox hymnography. Out of the vast range of possibilities, Archangel Voices has selected a mix between works that are familiar and traditional and those that reveal new vistas of the sacred repertoire. A number of works—by such Russian masters as Chesnokov, Kastalsky, Nikolsky, and Yaichkov—are appearing for the first time in English adaptations. Works by relatively unknown 20th-century composers such as Ilyashenko and Cecil A. Bailey are brought to light for the first time. Works by modern-day Orthodox composers, currently living and creating in North America—Archpriest Paul Harrilchak, Vladimir Morosan, Kurt Sander, Benedict Sheehan, Richard Toensing, and Nazo Zakkak—round out the program.

Price: € 23.68 £ 16.89 $ 26.22
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