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Orthodox Liturgical Music & Chants  (44)


Executant: performed by Romeiko Ensemble conducted by Dr. Yorgos Bilalis #: 12184

This exquisite book & CD package is a limited edition production by Romeiko Ensemble celebrating the Nativity of Christ and exploring the celebration of Christmas in the late Byzantine Empire. The book is cloth bound with an embossed icon on the cover and includes 72 pages in full color, lavishly illustrated with icons and manuscript illuminations. Its contents are superb, and include: Patristic and Psalter quotes on the subject of Nativity; The Nativity Icon and an accompanying essay explaining its symbolism; in the center fold, a newly commissioned Prokypsis icon with accompanying essay explaining the Prokypsis ceremony on the eve of Nativity in the Byzantine court; an essay by Fr. Maximos Lavriotes on the theology of the Nativity; musicological notes by George Bilalis, Director of the ensemble; and hymn text in English. The CD includes 71 minutes of music (approx. 45 minutes in English) of Byzantine chant for Nativity and five regional Greek carols ? including the never before performed Prokypsis hymn for the Emperor and a reproduction of the medieval manuscript from which it was transcribed. This is a limited print run edition, with only 1,000 copies printed. Place your order early to assure you receive a one of these collectible examples of authentic Byzantine chant.

Price: € 30.13 £ 23.64 $ 37.03


Executant: by St. Seraphim of Sarov Choir, Santa Rosa, California. In English. #: 12796

Hymns of the Orthodox Church for the feasts of Christmas, Theophany, and the Meeting of the Lord, intermixed with related readings from Scripture.

Price: € 19.37 £ 15.20 $ 23.81


Executant: by Divna Ljubojevic and the Melodi Choir #: 12800
Price: € 19.37 £ 15.20 $ 23.81


Executant: by Gregorio Allegri performed by the Osnabruck Youth Choir #: 12841

The psalm "Miserere mei Deus" is a prayer for mercy, contrition and renewal. Since the 1630's, Gregorio Allegri's famous setting has been sung at dawn during Holy Week, while the Pope kneels in prayer in the solemn candlelit atmosphere of the Sistine Chapel. This contemporary version, recorded in the spectral grandeur of Osnabruck Cathedral, adds new material composed by Vladimir Ivanoff to the ethereal harmonies of the Osnabruck Youth Choir and the elegiac brass tones of the cornetto, recreating the mysterious beauty of this sacred classic.

Price: € 19.37 £ 15.20 $ 23.81
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