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Orthodox Music  (73)


Executant: #: 12178

A recording of The Great Doxologies in the Eight Modes chanted in English by the world-renowned Mount Lebanon Choir. Beautifully chanted in the Byzantine style used on the Holy Mountain (*Mt. Athos), it is suitable both for personal enjoyment and for teaching. The chanters` voices are of fine professional quality, and the chant itself is clear and crisply defined, for uplifting listening and for choral instruction.

Price: € 24.68 £ 21.26 $ 27.60


Executant: #: 12180

The Boston Byzantine Choir has drawn from a variety of sources to make one of the first English settings of St. John Chrysostom`s Liturgy done entirely in Byzantine chant.

Playing Time: 60 minutes, 58 seconds

Price: € 25.86 £ 22.27 $ 28.91


Executant: Gloriae Dei Cantores #: 12181

Gloriae Dei Cantores first recording in Super Audio CD featuring the North American recorded premiere of Georgy Sviridov`s Ineffable Mystery, a gorgeous sacred choral suite. In his memory, the choir sang this set of pieces in Moscow and the Golden Ring on their third tour of Russia in 1998. Georgy Sviridov,who was one of Shostakovich`s favorite students, wrote the music for Moscow`s leading television news program and became one of the leading composers during the Soviet regime. His vocal music has been championed by Dmitri Hvorostovsky, the great Russian baritone. Gloriae Dei Cantores, having already recorded "the best anthology of Russian music" (American Record Guide for Sacred Songs of Russia), now adds this rich collection of Russian sacred music to their discography. Also included are excerpts from the Tchaikovsky`s Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom and the Rachmaninoff All-Night Vigil. These three composers and their works form a CD not to be missed by choral and Russian music fans.

Price: € 25.92 £ 22.32 $ 28.98


Executant: #: 12182

Christmas Eve of the Russian Orthodox Church (January 6) is traditionally celebrated with the Christmas Vigil (vsenoschnoye bdeniye), a Vespers service lasting hours with much singing and illuminated processions. The present recording contains chants from the Christmas Vigil (with arrangements by Russian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian composers), performed by the eminent Don Cossacks Choir under the direction of Marcel Verhoeff. Fr. Andrey Bliznyuk, celebrant; Alexy Zaitsev, Vladislav Sokolov, deacons; Don Cossacks Choir Russia, Marcel Nicolajevich Verhoeff, director. Liner notes in German, English, French and Dutch with complete hymn text—:plus hymn text in Church Slavonic.

Price: € 34.56 £ 29.77 $ 38.64


Executant: Fr. Apostolos Hill #: 12183

Two Disc CD Set

In the Eastern Christian tradition, the cycle of Great Feasts follows the Church`s liturgical calendar beginning on September 1 and running through August. It is comprised of twelve fixed and variable Feasts, with Pascha (Easter in the West), the "feast of feasts" around which all the rest are centered. Pascha is the ultimate variable feast, with its date changing each year. Associated with Pascha are the feasts of Palm Sunday, Ascension and Pentecost that precede or follow it by a specific number of days. Thus these Great Feasts tend to be associated together.

Price: € 32.03 £ 27.59 $ 35.81


Executant: #: 12184

This exquisite book & CD package is a limited edition production by Romeiko Ensemble celebrating the Nativity of Christ and exploring the celebration of Christmas in the late Byzantine Empire. The book is cloth bound with an embossed icon on the cover and includes 72 pages in full color, lavishly illustrated with icons and manuscript illuminations. Its contents are superb, and include: Patristic and Psalter quotes on the subject of Nativity; The Nativity Icon and an accompanying essay explaining its symbolism; in the center fold, a newly commissioned Prokypsis icon with accompanying essay explaining the Prokypsis ceremony on the eve of Nativity in the Byzantine court; an essay by Fr. Maximos Lavriotes on the theology of the Nativity; musicological notes by George Bilalis, Director of the ensemble; and hymn text in English. The CD includes 71 minutes of music (approx. 45 minutes in English) of Byzantine chant for Nativity and five regional Greek carols ? including the never before performed Prokypsis hymn for the Emperor and a reproduction of the medieval manuscript from which it was transcribed. This is a limited print run edition, with only 1,000 copies printed. Place your order early to assure you receive a one of these collectible examples of authentic Byzantine chant.

Price: € 34.56 £ 29.77 $ 38.64


Executant: Ron Moore #: 12187

This disc by world-travelled singer and comedian Ron Moore will be sure to bring a smile to your face and entertain your children, grandchildren, or godchildren at the same time!

Features the smash hits Kooties and Rooster Song, and many more!

Price: € 19.75 £ 17.01 $ 22.08


Executant: Fr. Michael Shanbour #: 12188

Youthful energy and theological soundness adorn this disc by former KERYGMA member, Fr. Michael Shanbour. Each song, directly or indirectly, focuses in on a liturgical service or theme in a way that is simple, singable, memorable, and educational. Some songs incorporate portions of prayers, hymnography and melodies from the liturgical services in order to implant a familiarity with and desire for the services of the Church. Features a choir of well-tuned young singers!

Price: € 19.75 £ 17.01 $ 22.08


Executant: Eikona #: 12190

Eikona, who for over 10 years has produced beautiful, traditional Byzantine chant for worship in English, has just created a new album. Through the voice of contemporary music, their goal is to provide a medium by which people will grow closer to the Lord Jesus and the Holy Church which He founded. A departure from their latest recordings, this unique collection of original Christian songs—with its beautiful piano, vocals and instrumentation—is sure to inspire the whole family.

Price: € 19.75 £ 17.01 $ 22.08


Executant: Justin Mathews #: 12195

With the indisputable depth of folk and the energy and warmth of roots-rock Justin Mathews may be just what you`ve been listening for. A twenty-something-year-old singer-songwriter from Kansas City, Justin is no stranger to the music scene. After signing a publishing contract with Sea-Chest Publishing, Justin moved to Nashville at 18 with the band Many Waters. They toured all over the United States playing over 100+ shows to packed audiences from 1996-1997. With that exposure, Justin was offered a production contract as a solo artist. He signed with RadioStatic Productions, then a subsidiary of Gotee Records, and began recording his debut solo record (titled Many Waters) under the name Fuzzy Mathews. The record has subsequently been re-released by Justin under his real name and under the title Powder for the Shot. As soon as the record was pressed Justin took his songs and old acoustic guitar on the road again as the opening act for the Curious Fools summer tour in 1998. Justin`s music was then featured on the Ricochet Magazine RIM compilation with the likes of Moby, Bill Malonee and Vigilantees of Love and he played the North by Northeast music conference in Toronto Canada; all was moving full steam ahead. But after almost 3 years touring and recording, pursuing his life-long passion, Justin still seemed restless. When Justin`s spiritual pilgrimage lead him to become an Orthodox Christian, he decided to take a hiatus from his art. He attended Belmont University graduating with a degree in business and audio engineering. Soon Justin was offered a position as the vice president of communications for the Nashville Rescue Mission—a Christian homeless shelter. The hiatus that was intended to be brief turned into four years of intense personal growth. With a fresh sound and renewed commitment, Justin went back into the studio in 2002 and recorded two new songs and together with three songs from Powder for the Shot, he released an ep titled Courage (is a weapon we must use). Many of the people he met while working at the Nashville Rescue Mission and his religious life found their way into his writing. Last summer, Justin`s song See Paradise was featured on the Cross Culture Project, a landmark collection of songs by Orthodox Christians in America. Justin has also recently released a full-length disc entitled Confessing Between the Lines, described by Peter Jon Gillquist as “one of the best folk albums produced by an Orthodox Christian in our time”. Justin resides with his wife, Jodi, and sons, Elias and Asher, in Kansas City, MO, and is available for concerts nationally.

Price: € 19.75 £ 17.01 $ 22.08
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