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#: 12284

CENTER — The center portion is a traditional representation of the crucifixion. The Cross in this representation is the traditional Russian Cross with the top bar proclaiming Christ King of the Jews and the bottom bar slanted from right to left — by tradition the bar point up is pointing at Dismas, the Good Thief, to which Christ promised Paradise with him that day.

FRONT LEFT AND RIGHT ENDS OF CROSS BAR — To Christ’s right is the Virgin Mary His Mother whose right hand is pointing to Christ (in Greek this is known as the Hedgitera) as “the Way.” St John the Baptist — the Forerunner of Christ is to His left.

REVERSE SIDE — A representation of Christ’s Baptism in the Jordan River. At the top is the Holy Spirit with a beam of light on Christ. To the left is St. John the Baptist and to the right an angel holding a towel for Christ. This feast represents the first epiphany of Christ as the Son of God: “This is my beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased.”

Size: 1 1/8" x 3/4"
Sterling Silver .925 and Gold Gilt. Made In Russia.

 *This is a special order product. Please allow up to two weeks delivery.

Price: € 118.44 £ 106.19 $ 138.00