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Includes The 160-page Master Reference Guide and CD of the 1650-page computerized Volumes 1 thru 4 of the Philokalia.

The Philokalia are writings second only to the Bible in the Orthodox Christian faith. They represent priceless spirituality from the 4th to the 15th centuries. Sts. Makarios & Nikodemos brought these writings into the 18th century, while the translation of Palmer, Sherrard, & Bishop Kallistos Ware brought them into the English-speaking world of the 20th century.

The Master Reference Guide brings these works into the 21st century. The Master Index of Persons and Sources as well as the Master Index of Subjects in the Reference Guide are an especially powerful tool for the researcher as well as any seeker of the ageless spiritual wisdom of the Philokalia. Selecting a subject with the ability to cross reference from one author, in his time, to another author, in another time, is most illuminating. Additionally, compiling the indexes alphabetically and listing them in one master volume is certainly an easier and quicker reference into all four volumes for the casual reader as well as the ardent researcher.

The Philokalia Master Reference Guide has been significantly augmented with a complementary CD. The placing of all 1650 pages consisting the four volumes onto a compact disk for easy access with a personal computer gives us the ultimate reference tool.

The CD is in familiar Microsoft Word format, thus permitting the entire recompiled Philokalia to be simply and quickly explored by computer. This computerized rendition into Microsoft Word is a very effective tool. Its use permits a user to search, find, copy, cut-and-paste, move, sort, edit, insert, add, and merge any and all portions of these invaluable texts. In other words, we now have the ability to utilize all the advantages of computerized document manipulation for the full exposure of the wisdom contained in the Philokalia. All one has to do is insert a sought word or subject with its volume and page number into the MS Word Edit/Find function for instant access to any subject indexed, or not indexed, in the accompanying Master Reference Guide.

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