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1. Key Features

  • Search Scriptures and Commentaries using a very powerful but easy to use search engine

    Quickly locate Scriptures by their Reference.

    Study using an Outline of the Holy Scriptures.

    View the Parallel Gospels side by side.

    Concordance linked to Scriptures.

    Includes Commentaries from the Holy Fathers.

    Includes over 365 icons, most in full color.

    Save Groups of Scripture Records for research.

    Includes a highly advanced Report Builder.

    Latest updates to text installed via internet.

    And much, much more...

    2. Main Program Details

    So that you know what you can expect to receive if you purchase this extraordinary software, we have included a fairly detailed explanation of its features below.

    Unlike some research software, once you have installed the program on your computer, you don`t need to have the CD in your computer in order to use the program. It installs all the required files to your hard disk.

    The program`s Main Form contains four Views. These views are as follows:

  • Search View – To search for text in the Holy Scriptures, the endnotes, or both.

    Reference Lookup View – To quickly locate a specific passage of Holy Scripture.

    Outline View – To study the outline of the Holy Scriptures, highlighting entire stories, parables, or other related passages.

    Parallel Gospel View – To study the Chronological Gospel Parallels.

    The Main Form contains several panels, containing different types of information. You may elect to hide most of these panels. All of these panels may be resized by placing your mouse over the "splitter" between each set of panels (the cursor will change when your mouse is positioned over it), and dragging the panels to the position you would like.


    The Control Panel is located in the top left hand corner of the Main Form. The uppermost portion of the Control Panel changes depending on what view you are in.

    The Control Panel "drives" most of the program. Below the uppermost portion of the Control Panel is a grid, containing Scripture passages or other information. There is always one item selected in the grid. All of the information in the other panels are synchronized to it. Changing or clicking on the selected item in the grid will

    1) Bring that related item to the top of the Scripture panel(s), and change its color to blue (default).

    2) If there are endnotes for that item, it will bring them to the top of the Endnotes panel(s), and change its color to blue (default). If there are no endnotes for that item, it will bring the endnote for the closest previous

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