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Executant: Read by the Monks of the Hermitage of the Holy Cross #: 12210

The Hermitage of the Holy Cross has recorded the reading of the Psalter on three compact discs.

The Psalms are read in a manner common to Orthodox prayer services: a simple intonation minimizing any possibility of subjective interpretation. The arrangement of the Psalms into tracks on this disc also follows the liturgical practice of the Orthodox Church, where the whole Psalter is divided into twenty Kathismata and each Kathisma into three stases. Each stasis is concluded with a Trinitarian Doxology. The Psalter is read by a monk of the Hermitage of the Holy Cross. The packaging is full-color, with the three discs attached to a tri-fold digi-pak, all of which slides into a sturdy slipcover. Our hope is that those who purchase this recording will reap years of spiritual benefit from the use of the recording, which is an excellent accompaniment on a daily commute, road trip, or a day at work.

Read in English - 3 CDs, 214 minutes

Price: € 34.07 £ 31.05 $ 40.02