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Executant: by Frank Schaeffer #: 12207

The Defense of Orthodoxy is a three part series which is pan-Orthodox in character and highly appropriate not only for adults but for teenagers and college students who need help in understanding the treasure of our Orthodox faith. It is very easy to understand, entertaining and full of humor.

Five and a half hours of dynamic material covering many crucial topics:

  • Why Orthodoxy is the unique repository of true historic Christianity
  • Why Orthodoxy is fundamentally different from Protestantism and Roman Catholicism
  • Why the traditional sacramental Orthodox faith is more relevant in modern America than ever
  • Why the Orthodox Church must remain faithful to Her Holy Tradition and Liturgy
  • A wake up call to ‘wake up and smell the incense’ … addressed to me and every Orthodox believer…”

    — Bishop Basil
    Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese

    Frank Schaeffer … is in a unique position to discern the signs of the times… we should heed to what he has to say…”

    — Archbishop Dmitri
    Orthodox Church of America

    Frank Schaeffer will surprise many cradle Orthodox … One would think he has lived all his life as an Orthodox as he correctly describes the Church.”

    — Metropolitan Isaiah
    Greek Orthodox Diocese

    3 DVDs 5 hours, 3 lectures with follow-up discussions

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