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Type of icon: Russian Silk Orthodox Icon#: 12807

Jesus Christ our Lord was predicted by the prophets, to rise from the dead on the third day after his burial. The Resurrection of the Lord is the foundation of our Christian faith and the most joyful day for Christians. The Feast of the Resurrection is the oldest Christian holiday; it is the Feast or Feasts and the Celebration of Celebrations. “Pascha” is the Jewish word for “Exodus.” The Old Testament “Pascha” is a commemoration of the “exodus” from Egypt and deliverance from slavery. The New Testament “Pascha” is a celebration of deliverance from slavery – the slavery of sin. Troparion In Tone 6 Thy resurrection, O Christ our Saviour, the angels in heaven sing. Make us also who are on earth worthy to gloify thee with a pure heart. Troparion in Tone 5 Christ is risen from the dead trampling down death by death and upon those in the tombs bestowing life.

These "Silk Orthodox Icons" are high quality reproductions made in Russia. They are silk printed giving them extra fine detail and the vivid full color usually found only in an original hand-painted icon. Each icon has an intricate metal gold and/or silver colored thin film deposited on the image giving the icon an extra shine and luster. The icons are mounted on wood with brown painted borders and edges.

Binding: Size: 7 5/16" wide, 10 5/8" high
Price: € 46.86 £ 39.05 $ 49.68