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Mounted Orthodox Icons of E-F Saints  (24)


Type of icon: Orthodox Icon – English Inscription#: 11607

Commemorated on September 11/24

According to Bishop Nikolai Velimirovch in The Prologue from Ohrid:

"Euphrosynus was a simple man, but a man of God. He served as the cook in an Amorean monastery in the ninth century. One night, the spiritual father of this monastery saw himself in Paradise, and saw Euphrosynus there as well. Euphrosynus picked and gave him three apples from Paradise. When the spiritual father awoke, he saw three unusually beautiful and fragrant apples by his pillow. He quickly found Euphrosynus and asked him: "Where were you last night, brother? I was where you were, father,`` the blessed God-pleaser replied. The spiritual father then revealed the entire incident to the monks, and all recognized the sanctity and godliness of Euphrosynus. But Euphrosynus, fearing the praise of men, immediately fled the monastery and hid in the wilderness, where he spent the remainder of his life."

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Type of icon: Orthodox Icon#: 11608
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Type of icon: Orthodox Icon#: 11609
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Type of icon: Orthodox Icon#: 11613

Commemorated on January 28 / February 10

According to Bishop Nikolai Velimirovch in The Prologue from Ohrid:

Ephraim was born in Syria of poor parents during the reign of Emperor Constantine the Great. He spent his young life rather tempestuously; but all at once a change took place in his soul and he began to burn with love for the Lord Jesus. Ephraim was a disciple of St. James Nisibis (January 13). From the enormous Grace of God, wisdom flowed from his tongue as a brook of honey and ceaseless tears flowed from his eyes. Industrious as a bee, Ephraim continually either wrote books or orally taught the monks in the monastery and the people in the town of Edessa or he dedicated himself to prayer and contemplation. Numerous are his books and beautiful are his prayers. The most famous is his prayer recited during the Honorable Fast Season which reads:

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