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Author: JIM FOREST #: 10762

Old demons never die... they just go on-line!—The Screwtape Letters for a new generation.

A worthy sequel to a perdurable popular-theology masterpiece.—Booklist

"The Wormwood File is a heavenly work. . . Read now, laugh now, but also repent now!William Griffin, author C.S. Lewis: Spirituality for Mere Christians

My dearest Greasebeek,

. . . Do your job well and youll see that any hobby, hobbyhorse, ideology or cause can be made into a whirlpool... There are more vegetarians than cannibals in hell.

Yours warmly,

By means of a series of intercepted e-mail from a senior demon (Wormwood) to his junior protg, this deceptively entertaining book offers wise reflections on Christian life. Through Wormwoods counsel on how to handle a wavering client, we see how many ways there are to deceive the wayward believer. As Wormwood observes, "The battleground is the human mind. Reshape what he thinks and the deeds you intend for him will follow. There are ideas with wider jaws and sharper teeth than any dragon."

Jim Forest, who discovered this e-mail, is author of many prize-winning books, including Confession, Praying with Icons, and The Ladder of the Beatitudes. He lives in the Netherlands.


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