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Author: MARIA C. KHOURY, ED. D. #: 10711

This well-written book brings to our attention the intolerable conditions under which Palestinian Christians and others live in the Holy Land. The author, a noted Orthodox writer who lives there, describes vividly the inhuman conditions she experiences. The chapters literally bring tears to one`s eyes. Her experiences foster awareness of the dramatically diminishing Christian presence in the land where the faith began. The author serves as a witness as she tries to bring to light the truth of what is happening and to change people`s minds and hearts.

Dr. Khoury has made efforts in the last decade to produce children`s Orthodox literature that preserves and documents precious traditions, values and the rich symbolism of the Orthodox faith. This book is the first book geared for adult readers, especially young adults that might have an interest in knowing more about the dwindling Christian community in the Holy Land and what life is like under military occupation since September 2000 when the Second Palestinian Uprising was sparked. The author reveals the truth of the current tragic bloodshed and violence in the Middle East.

Witness in the Holy Land is a collection of over seventy articles written from a human interest perspective describing daily life in the Holy Land. They focus on the Christian presence in the Holy Land and the Palestinian struggle for independence and freedom.

Binding: Papreback, 222 pages

Price: € 18.94 £ 16.98 $ 22.07