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West of Jesus: The Bible’s Answer to the Protestant Departure from Orthodox Belief is a condensed journey through Church history that establishes the Orthodox Church as the Body of Christ, as the Church founded by the Lord Jesus in the first century as evidenced by the New Testament.

Protestantism’s schism from the historic Church and the failure to return to the Church established in the first century ended in the abandonment of Holy Tradition. These "fruits" include the novel Protestant precept of Sola Scriptura, a proposition that argues Scripture alone suffices to illumine the believer's life in Christ.

This resulted in the relegation of sacraments to mere symbols, a misunderstanding of the process of salvation, and other fatal misapprehensions about Scripture.

West of Jesus provides the Bible’s own answer to the Protestant error in terms (using the biblical text) Protestants will relate to while also drawing on other aspects of the Holy Tradition. This is the perfect book for Protestants seeking to understand Orthodoxy and for the Orthodox Faithful who wish to be armed with the biblical answers to Protestant challenges.

About the Author
The author was raised in the Episcopal Church, fell away as a teen, and then turned to non-denominational Protestantism. He embarked upon a search that led to correspondence with Bishop Athanasios at the Monastery of Macheras in Cyprus. Soon thereafter, the author was introduced to Archimandrite Paisios, Abbot of St. Anthony's Monastery in Florence, Arizona. This resulted in the author’s baptism into the Greek Orthodox Church, where he took the baptismal name "Anthony of the Desert." Under the guidance of Archimandrite Paisios (his spiritual father) Anthony became a novice and has chosen to use his baptismal name herein.

When a Protestant asks questions about the teaching, life and practice of the Orthodox Church most Orthodox don’t have a clue. The Protestant wants his answers ‘backed up’ by specific Bible verses. In West of Jesus we Orthodox finally have a ‘handbook’ for answering Protestant questions. The author has given us a most compelling argument for Holy Tradition using the biblical texts as 'proofs.' Any Protestant looking at Orthodoxy should start his or her journey by reading this book. And any Orthodox who wants to understand Western Christianity will want to study it in detail too."

— Frank Schaeffer, Author


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