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The works of St. Theophan changed the spiritual face of Russia in the 19th century. With the publication of his greatest work, The Path to Salvation, the English-speaking world now has the opportunity to benefit likewise from this powerful legacy to the people of the modern age.

The principal thing is to walk before God, or under God’s eye, aware that God is looking at you, searching your soul and your heart, seeing all that is there. This awareness is the most powerful lever in the mechanism of the inner spiritual life.”

— St. Theophan the Recluse

Saint Theophan the Recluse is first and foremost a Church Father for modern times. Deeply aware of the roots of the modern age, he reinterprets ancient patristic wisdom in order to adapt it to the needs of the modern unchurched mind, which has been divorced from the Orthodox philosophy of life and even from the rudimentary principles of practical Christianity.

If the main goal of the repentant sinner should be total, light-bearing and blessed communion with God, then the main hindrance to this is the existence of the passions still active and working in him—the virtues being as yet unsealed in him—and the unrighteousness of his powers. Therefore his main work upon conversion and repentance should be the uprooting of passions and sealing the virtues—in a word, correcting himself.”

— St. Theophan the Recluse

This classic textbook of spiritual life, now being offered in its entirety for the first time in English, seems to have been sent directly to today’s readers by the great Russian recluse himself. Every line breathes his profound psychological understanding, his intricate experience in spiritual struggle, and above all his love, compassion and all-consuming desire that every person might be saved. Inspiring the reader with a sober longing for acquiring the Kingdom of Heaven, St. Theophan provides an infallible system for taking the Kingdom by force, in a Christian life of grace and repentance.

ISBN: 9781887904506  Binding: Paperback, 366 pages
Price: € 25.69 £ 21.82 $ 27.53