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Volume I: Covers the period of the pre-Nicene and Nicene eras, providing an anthology of the more imporpant patristic passages. Softbound. 474 pages.
Volume II: Devoted to the post-Nicene and Constantinopolitan eras and stops short of Augustine. Its principal luminaries are SS. Basil, the two Gregorys, Chrysostom, Ambrose and Jerome. Softbound. 316 pages.
Volume III: Covers from St. Augustine inclusive to the end of the patristic period marked by the death of St. Isidore of Seville in the West and St. John Damascene in the East. Softbound. 450 pp.

Preceding each selection is a brief introduction treating the authorship, date and place of composition, and the purpose of the work from which the selection is taken. The author`s scholarship and sprightly sense of humor are evident in these prefatory remarks.

Of immense value to the reader is the Doctrinal Index provided for each volume. Here one can find the texts pertinent to particular doctrinal points, a method especially useful to homilists. In addition each volume is enhanced by comprehensive Scriptural and General Indices.

ISBN: 9780814610251  Binding: Paperback, 1240 pages

Price: € 62.89 £ 57.35 $ 73.83