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Author: EVAGRIUS PONTICUS #: 10286

Jeremy Driscoll makes available for the first time in English the text known as Ad Monachos, by Evagrius Ponticus (345-399), who was among the first of the desert fathers to articulate in writing the wisdom of the monastic movement.The text is a collection of 137 proverbs composed in a style that imitates the proverbs of biblical Wisdom literature. The order in which the proverbs are presented holds a secret key to each proverb`s interpretation. The order of the whole functions as a spiritual road map for the arduous journey that leads through the exercise of love and temperance to the mind`s knowledge of the Holy Trinity.

Besides offering the Greek text and an English translation, Driscoll examines its structure and style, and offers commentary on different proverbs. This noteworthy book — is the only major commentary in any modern language on Ad Monachos.

ISBN: 9780809105601  Binding: Hardcover, 416 pages

Price: € 47.32 £ 42.43 $ 55.13