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This book includes a fine representative selection of the treasures of Christian writings from the early Church. Early Christian Fathers is a readable and useful as both a tool and a reference. This book covers the writings of Clement of Rome, Igantius, Polycarp, Justin Martyr, Athenagoras, Diognetius, Ireneaus and the Didache in an author-by-author context introducing the background, authorship, and texts of each writing. The book is introduced with a good but brief overview of 2nd century Christianity and the development of its thought up until that point.

Each of the writings are preceded by portions of introductory material and there are indexes and Bible references.

ISBN: 9780684829517  Binding: Papreback, 415 pages
Publisher: SIMON &

Price: € 17.56 £ 16.10 $ 20.70