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Author: PAUL D. GARRETT #: 10156

“Evangelizer of the Aleuts and Apostle to America” — with these words the Orthodox Church honors St. Innocent, her recently canonized first hierarch in America.

This eminently readable biography traces the course of St. Innocent’s life: his boyhood in Siberia, his call to mission in America, his labors first as priest and then as bishop in America and Asia, his last years as Metropolitan of Moscow. At the same time, it reveals the many facets of his warm — indeed — radiant-personality: his abiding interest in the natural and social sciences, his affection for children, and his unfailing sense of humor. St. Innocent emerges as an example perhaps more apt and accessible for us today than any other figure from traditional Orthodox societies of the past.

ISBN: 9780913836606  Binding: Paperback, 345 pages
Price: € 25.85 £ 23.56 $ 30.36