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The teachings of Jesus Christ recorded in the Gospels come to us in a variety of forms, including parables, illustrations of spiritual truths by means of familiar earthly things and incidents. Their theme is the Kingdom of God, and they are as meaningful for us today as they were for those who heard them from the Lord`s own lips.

Each of the 27 sections of “The Parables” offers a brief but concise and thoughtful summary of a single parable, examining not only the Gospel texts but the way in which these texts have been interpreted in commentaries by the Fathers and used in the traditional liturgical texts. These simple but rich commentaries will profit any reader in search of guidance through the spiritual and moral ambiguities of the modern world.

ISBN: 9780881410679  Binding: Paperback, 144 pages
Price: € 18.95 £ 16.99 $ 22.08