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WALKING IN WONDER: Nurturing Orthodox Christian Virtues

Author: ELIZABETH WHITE #: 5769
Walking in Wonder blends patristic Orthodox teaching with practical suggestions for parents, resulting in a book that is not only inspirational but full of common sense. Elizabeth White draws from her extensive experience as an educator, parent, and faithful Orthodox Christian, to outline not only what the virtues are, but the how to`s of encouraging the development of those virtues in children. Each chapter ends with a list of practical ideas any parent might try to help cultivate character qualities such as attentiveness and silence. This workbook will help parents, teachers, and all caregivers provide an environment that helps develop Orthodox attitudes toward self, others, the world and Christ. Written with children under the age of eight in mind.
ISBN: 9781888212693  Binding: Softback 69 pages
Publisher: CONCILIAR

Price: € 10.51 £ 9.19 $ 12.90