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WITNESSES FOR CHRIST: orthodox christian neomartyrs of the ottoman period, 1437-1860

Author: vaporis, nomikos #: 3499
Lives of almost two hundred faithful, most of humble station, who gave their lives for Christ. One of the remarkable aspects of this martyrology is the broad spectrum from which the neomartyrs were drawn. Although many were clerics or monks, as might be expected, others are...people in ordinary occupations, men and women who probably had very little formal education in Orthodoxy, but whose attachment to Christ led them to choose a painful death rather than abandon their religion… —Charles A. Frazee, The Catholic Historical Review
ISBN: 9780881411966  Binding: Softback 400 pages
Publisher: ST. VLADIMIR`S

Price: € 22.33 £ 19.54 $ 26.38