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Author: A.N. MOURAVIEFF #: 10708

From the Table of Contents:

Introduction of Christianity into Russia; Further Establishment of the Faith. The first Monasteries; Period during which the Metropolitans sat at Kieff; till the invasion of the Tartars, A.D. 1072 to A.D. 1240; Period during which the Metropolitans sat at Vladimir; Period during which the Metropolitans resided at Moscow; The Patriarchs. Job, first Patriarch, A.D. 1587; Hermogenes, second Patriarch, A.D. 1606; Philaret, third Patriarch, A.D. 1620; Joasaph I., fourth Patriarch, A.D. 1631; Joseph, fifth Patriarch, A.D. 1642; Nikon, sixth Patriarch, A.D. 1653; Joasaph II., seventh Patriarch, A.D. 1667; Pitirim, eighth Patriarch, A.D. 1672; Joachim, ninth Patriarch, A.D. 1673; Adrian, tenth Patriarch, A.D. 1690; Stephen Yavorsky, Guardian of the Patriarchate, A.D. 1701; and The Most Holy Synod, A.D. 1721.

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