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Author: DANIEL B. CLENDENIN #: 10659

In this reliable, fair, and engaging survey, Daniel Clendenin introduces Protestants to Eastern Orthodox history and theology with the hope that the two groups will come to see their traditions as complementary and learn to approach one another with a “hermeneutic of love” that fosters “mutual respect, toleration, and even support”.

This revised edition includes a new preface, a new chapter, and an updated bibliography. In addition to updated demographic information, Clendenin examines at length a particular aspect of Orthodoxy’s intersection with Protestantism—its growing exchange with evangelicalism.

Clendenin presents Orthodoxy in an honest and sympathetic way, stressing its emphasis on the historic continuity of the apostolic faith as well as on personal conversion and spirituality. For the Protestant reader, he carefully explains why the Orthodox venerate icons, how they approach Scripture, and how they understand tradition. Eschewing a polemical tone, Clendenin employs a ‘hermeneutic of peace’, without which no respect or trust can be achieved. This book is highly recommended for the Western student of Eastern Christianity.”

Paul Meyendorff, St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary


About the Author
Daniel B. Clendenin (Ph.D., Drew University) works with InterVarsity Graduate and Faculty Ministries at Stanford University. He previously served as visiting professor of Christian studies at Moscow State University.

ISBN: 978-0801026522  Binding: Paperback, 192 pages

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