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Author: JIM FOREST #: 10428

This telling meditation drawing on stories from the lives of the saints, scripture, and everyday life, on the blessings from the Sermon on the mount shows how we might `ascend` the Beatitudes to the fullness of Jesus` message.

Forest, a convert to the Russian Orthodox Church and general secretary of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation, has written a short volume of reflections on the Beatitudes of Jesus. They are sermons in the original sense of the word, informal chats with historical, personal, and homely examples and comparisons. They are certain to offer comfort, knowledge, and inspiration to Christians seeking sources for meditation on the words of Jesus.

ISBN: 9781570752452  Binding: Paperback, 163 pages
Publisher: ORBIS BOOKS

Price: € 19.94 £ 18.32 $ 23.46