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Author: AN ANONYMOUS AUTHOR #: 10351

This classic of world spiritual literature is the firsthand account of a pilgrim's journey as he endeavors to live out Saint Paul's instruction to "pray without ceasing." The narrator, an unnamed nineteenth-century peasant, sets out on his pilgrimage with nothing but a Bible, a rosary, and some dried bread. As he walks, he recites the Jesus prayer ("Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me")—a prayer that is said to quiet anxiety and fill the heart with love for all creation. With this prayer constantly on his lips, the pilgrim undergoes a profound spiritual education. This edition includes the sequel to "The Way of a Pilgrim," entitled "A Pilgrim Continues His Way," which contains a lengthy appendix reviewing the teachings of the Holy Fathers on the Jesus prayer.

The Way of a Pilgrim is a firsthand account of the experiences of one of the wandering religious pilgrims who were a feature of the Russian countryside from the Middle Ages up until early in this century. On hearing the words of Saint Paul, "Pray without ceasing, " the anonymous narrator sets out on a journey to discover how this seemingly impossible task can be accomplished. He eventually meets a monk who teaches him the hesychast method of prayer, in which the words "Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me" are repeated constantly with the mouth, and then with the mind and heart.

One of the most influential spiritual books of the last hundred years. It is one of those rare books that can make a difference in a person's life.”

—Jacob Needleman, author of Lost Christianity

ISBN: 9781570628078  Binding: Paperback, 264 pages
Price: € 25.70 £ 23.57 $ 30.29