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Author: EVAGRIUS PONTICUS #: 10211

Evagrius was ordained deacon by Gregory Nazianzus and was a noted preacher at Constantinople. He was eventually condemned for his Origenistic views. However, he is a very important figure in the history of Christian spirituality. He was the first monk to write extensively on the spirituality of the desert, and his practical mystical theology greatly influenced Maximus the Confessor, John Climacus, John Cassian, Pseudo-Dionysius and Symeon the New Theologian.

The living link through whom the ascetic principles of hellenistic philosophers passed into monasticism, Evagrius molded christian asceticism through his own works and through his influcence on John Cassian, Climacus, Pseudo–Denis, and Saint Benedict. ‘Evagrius received the desert tradition about prayer that had been developed over several generations before him. But he was the first to organize it into a coherent system’”

Coptic Church Review

ISBN: 9780879079048  Binding: Paperback, 96 pages
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