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Today, more than ever there is a compelling need for Orthodox liturgical texts in the English language. In preparing the present volume, the translators have been concerned to meet the needs of at least three different groups.

First we have in mind the situation of the younger generation with the Orthodox emigration, most of whom are obliged at the present time to attend services in a tongue that is not their own. Second, we have kept in view the needs of parishes as well as individuals. In America and elsewhere, an appreciable number of Orthodox parishes — although still only a minority — have now begun to use English in their public worship; and translations are thus required not only for private consultation but for liturgical use. Thirdly, not only is it the Orthodox alone who need such translations, but never before has the Orthodox Church possessed so many friends in other Christian communions. By far the best way that non-Orthodox can come to understand the faith and life of Orthodoxy is by sharing in its liturgical worship.

Hardbound. 564 pp.


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