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Fyodor Dostoyevsky  (5)


Author: #: 10756
Translated with an introduction by David Magarshack. Through the Idiot, the endearing, translucent, Christ-like figure of Prince Myshkin, Dostoyevsky`s other characters, and readers as well, experience moments of total insight. The Idiot`s central emotions and crises - the Prince`s love for two women, Rogozhin`s voracious desire for Nastasya Filippovna, her birthday party, the Prince and Rogozhin pursuing each other like ghosts through the streets of St Petersburg - are visualized with hallucinatory vividness and put across in dialogue that rages and blazes with life. In a plot that is virtually that of a thriller or a melodrama, Dostoyevsky proves himself the profound tragic dramatist of our most urgent longings and fears, bringing us face to face with the enigma of beauty, with spiritual compassion and sexual desire, and with human sickness and suffering. Writing under pressure of epilepsy as well as inspiration, Dostoyevsky was concerned that his view of Russian people and society might be found too incredible, too rich in improbabilities, coincidence and drama. And yet: Is not my fantastic Idiot reality, and the most ordinary reality at that? Softbound. 590 pp.
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Author: #: 10757
Translated by Jessie Coulson. Notes from the Underground (1864) is a study of a single character, the real man of the Russian majority, and a revelation of Dostoyevsky`s own deepest beliefs. One of his best critics has said of the first part that it forms his most utterly naked pages. . .Never afterwards was he so fully and openly to reveal the inmost recesses, unmeant for display, of his heart. The Double (1864) is the nightmarish story of Mr. Golyadkin, a man who is haunted or possessed by his own double. Is Mr Golyadkin junior really a double or simply a fearful side of his own nature? This uncertainty is what gives urgency and horror to a tale which may be read as a classic study of human breakdown. Softbound. 287 pp.
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Author: #: 10758
The four years that Dostoyevsky spent in a Siberian prison camp were nasty, brutish and long, the most agonizing of his life. Just how horrible that time was I have not the strength to tell you . . .. Yet no other novel depicts the prison coffin with more immediacy than The House of the Dead. Its documentary detail - the convicts and their fascinating stories, the wooden plank bed that they sleep on, the cabbage soup swimming with cockroaches that they eat - is made all the more vivid by the controlled, oddly impersonal tone of the narrator. He, like the others, had stepped beyond himself to commit his crime. He found his strange family of convicts boastful, ugly, vain, cruel and ludicrously obsessed with outward appearances. But it is their vitality that overtakes The House of the Dead, turning the crisis of its narrator into a slow miracle: the return and reawakening of his personality. Softbound. 362 pp.
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Author: FYODOR DOSTOEVSKY #: 10759
A detective novel, a religious epic, a study in criminal psychopathology...

An indictment of urban social conditions in nineteenth century Russia, and a proto-Nietzschean analysis of the will to power . . . Crime and Punishment is all these things but it is more, writes David McDuff in the introduction to this new translation.

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A drama of parricide and intense family rivalry, this book is Dostoyevsky`s acknowledged masterpiece.

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